Leonardo Steffen is a tester since he was born. He is currently playing the role of a Quality Assurance Consultant at ThoughtWorks Brazil Software, Porto Alegre office.

My Test Driven Life intends to be a fun stop-by for all the software professionals that share this geek behavior of reverse-engineering (a.k.a. destroying) things for the sake of curiosity.

In every new post I will share with you a new experience I had while trying to answer one of my why?why?why?‘s.

If you ever stop by My Test Driven Life and remember of a good story from your Test Driven Life, you are more than welcome to get in touch. If your story is a valid Test Case it will surely become part of My Test Driven Life regression suite figuring yourself.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I hear you bro!!!!
    I broke my shinbone at the age of 3, fall testing the stairs 😀

    • hahaha…awesome, dude. I see you are also the kind of person that takes testing as a vital matter.
      thanks for dropping by. If you want to write me the story of your shinbone-broken-as-a-result test, please do it and I’ll check how it could fit within this blog.

      take care.

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