Why is my life Test Driven?

Long before I could ever dream about being a professional tester, and even before knowing about the existence of such an amazing and rewarding career, my favourite activity already used to be spending time doing [little|dangerous] experiments.

When did my life turn out to be Test Driven?

Such joy started in my childhood, by the time I was that little “why? why? why?” bastard, and this behavior pattern remains still as my main motivator. It is what makes me wake up every morning and know that I got something cool to do and will learn something new, and if I won’t, at least I’ll go break something old.

What is my intention with this “My Test Driven Life” thing?

Since I am still a kid (born 1984, but my ideas are not more advanced  than those a kindergarten kid would have), in this blog you will probably read some stories that are pretty recent.
The idea behind My Test Driven Life is to share fun experiences I go through in the course of my life as well as the valuable lessons I learn each and every time something new happens.

How am I showing you the tests my life is driven by?
For the sake of your own pleasure (not to say patience) the following format is applied in all the stories I reveal here:

-Story Summary [Doing something stupid]
-Date [a close date and my age by the time the action happens]
-That day I decided to test [what]
-My goal was to validate that [what]
-Test Approach: [Smoke|Acceptance|Unit|Performance].
-The result: [PASS|FAIL]
-The lessons I’ve learnt: [what did I learn doing this test?]

-Description of the experiments:

<<here goes the long story>>

Hope you enjoy. Feedbacks are welcome, either the goods and the bads.

If you ever have a story to share, PLEASE send me an e-mail and I promise I’ll format your story and blog it here.